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I am a Scottish designer living in  a small coastal town on the outskirts of Edinburgh. ( You'll see the iconic Forth Bridges pop up regularly in my images.)

As a textile designer years ago, I made scarves and ties for the likes of Jenners in Edinburgh and Liberty of London. At that time everything I produced was handpainted and after a while I felt I had taken it as far as I could. The digital possibilities we have now were then a distant dream.  So reluctantly I shut up shop although it was a wonderful experience at the time as the thrill of seeing someone wearing my work never faded. Especially as I was lucky enough that a few television personalities regularly wore my colourful ties.

In the intervening period I worked as a professional photographer ( and also as a tourist guide in Scotland and Romania). In photography I specialised in a style of image making using the SX70 Polaroid camera, a technique that allows for the creation of a dreamlike image, halfway between a painting and a photograph. Sadly, this period also came to an end with the demise of Polaroid. Although there are now alternative films available for the camera they do not work with my preferred methods.

Four years ago, after attending an artist's retreat, the spark to paint returned and since then I have been painting with various media, honing my skills and learning new techniques . I now work from a studio at the top of my steep garden, looking out over the water of the Firth of Forth. The constantly changing light and the activity of the boats, the flowers growing in the garden and the sound of the birds in the treetops provide the backdrop to the daily rhythm of creating.

The work shown on this site gives a sample of my new surface pattern designs, which are available for licensing, as well as my "Polaroid Painting" images which are available as cushions. You'll also find a selection of these Polaroids in my Etsy shop, presented as wearable art. 

Regardless of the creative techniques used, I find my inspirations return time and again to floral imagery, with a dash of geometrics thrown in. Folk patterns, especially from the Netherlands and Eastern Europe are also a constant thread. 

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You can also contact me by email at info@rhiannonconnelly.com